Gastronomy of Ibiza, divine treasure.

Escrito por Smooth 28/07/17

We already know the island has incredibles beaches, crystal clear waters, enchanting nights.. But we have talked little there has been little of the island’s cuisine, which it can not be left behind. Let’s delight our palates.


Bullit de peix (Fish stew)

It is one of the most emblematic dishes of Ibiza, a fish rock based stew and typical local fishes as the grouper or roosterfish San Pedro, potatoes, pepper and garlic, usually accompanied by a brothy rice made with the same broth itself previously used.



Frita de pulpo Can Cires (Octopus Frit Can Cires)

Another typical dish is the Frita, a dish based on octopus, potatoes, garlic shoots and paprika, served not very hot accompanied with good wine. Its preparation is laborious but simple. Highly recommended to octopus lovers.



Frita de Porc (Pork Frit)

It is a very typical food from Ibiza, traditionally made on holiday days. It is a meal based on pork made from the rib and lean along with mushrooms, potatoes and peppers (all local food). A delicious meal to enjoy any day.



Sofrito Pagués (Pagués Sauté)

Filling dish made from a variety of meats (lamb, chicken and pork) accompanied by potatoes and cold meat garnished with a soup with the own broth of the ingredients. A very tasty and recommended dish.



Borrida de Ratjada.

This stew has its origin in a famous restaurant and later it was taken as a reference for every house. It is a plate based of stingray/skatefish, a  white and cartilaginous fish very common in the markets and shops in Ibiza. It is, as well, a very laborious plate made with fish, and vegetables which you can not miss on your visit to the island.




It is one of the most popular desserts of the Pitiusas islands and traditionally is made on the feast of Easter Sunday, but nowadays it can be found during the whole year in restaurants and bakeries. It is elaborated with flour, fresh cheese, anisette and mint. An amazing delicacy you won’t stop eating every time you visit the island.




These fried aniseed sweets, are mostly eaten during the holidays and are highly appreciated by the children ( and not so children). They are soft in texture and  not in the appearance of a hard cookie. In short, a prefect breakfast or snack in the middle of the afternoon.