The perfect selfie from the sea.

Escrito por Smooth 13/07/17

"Apart from enjoying the surroundings it's important to make some pictures as a souvenir of an amazing holidays"

Summer is already here and we know you want to enjoy your holidays as you deserve it. Thats the reason why renting boats in Ibiza is the best choice to combine sea, sun and (some) idyllic landscapes. Apart from enjoying the surroundings it’s important to make some pictures as a souvenir of an amazing holidays to make green eyed to all your friends. Sure, when you are in a bout in Ibiza you will be tempted to make more than one selfie, and thats why we want to give you some basic recommendations. If you are looking for the best selfie from a boat, things to keep in mind, first of all, the location of the sun. Even if we all know the sun in the face can be pretty annoying is an essential to avoid our face looks darker than the background landscape.


You should also be sure the combination between you and the landscape is perfect. To get it do this, you need that the most prominent element of your background remains on one side of the picture and your face on the other. This way you will avoid the common mistake of doing a selfie covering the most part of the landscape behind because your face is on the center of the of the photograph.


In addition to the above, it is very important to make sure that there is the right combination sky-sea, because the selfie would be better if the sky and sea appear on the picture in equal parts. Both elements, sky and earth (in this case, sea) must be well proportioned to harmonize a picture. With no doubt, a good selfie is synonymous with/means a good memory, so you should to try to take care to the most of any detail instead of taking pictures of our own face with no paying attention to how it matches with the background. The key is that, in the photo, you also become part of the landscape.