Four keys to make your Ibiza boat rental greener

Escrito por Smooth 24/07/17

"The choice of the boat is essential to plow cross the sea with an ecological conscience"

Enjoy sailing the Mediterranean is a pleasure like not many few. If we want that our children and grandchildren keep doing it in the same sea as we do, as we know it, it is necessary that those who love it, preserve it.


So, before you go to the sea, you have to know a few tips to help us to preserve this beautiful scenery.

Energetic Efficiency: The choice of the boat is essentialto plow cross the sea with an ecological/green conscience. Manufacturers make boats increasingly efficient, and the right combination of fossil fuels together with the electronic technology is a proper trend in eco-nautical.  Apart from the ecological impact, we should also consider the benefits of sailing mean a large economic saving.

Noise Reduction: The acoustic pollution is also of vital importance to respect and preserve the biodiversity of our oceans. The maintenance of a boat consists of many factors: from the set-up of the propulsion systems to the cleaning of the hull. This last one is crucial to avoid the cumulation of sediments.

Environmental Responsibility: Everything that comes on board must to be returned to the port. Every year, the ocean accumulates tones and tones of non-biodegradable waste that only contribute to worsening the situation of our waters. In some parts of the globe authentic islands of garbage has been formed, what is not only a disaster.

Sustainable Anchoring: Seabeds are the basis of marine biodiversity and must be respected when it comes to anchoring, especially at Ibiza and Formentera, who can boast of an incredible posidonia Grass with tens of thousand of years of history. Thanks to the posidonia our coasts has a larger diversity, we get more oxygen and the beaches suffer less erosion. And that’s why the Balearic Government develops the “Life Posidonia” project and the sailors, locals or outsiders/foreigners are increasingly aware of the sustainable and respectful anchoring.