Snorkel, the perfect sport to practice in Ibiza

Escrito por Smooth 24/07/17

Snorkeling it’s becoming more a more common to take advantage of boat rentals and enjoy the best of your sea experience.

If you are passionate about boating activities and you are looking for the best places to put them into practice, you don’t need to go very far, Ibiza offers you the best beaches to enjoy the best seabeds, because the multiple options the sea offers you in addition to the summer weather and the many options of the island, make it to be one of the best touristic destinations in the world.

But, Why Ibiza is the best option for snorkeling?

Thanks to the high temperatures on the summer months, the balearic island and its crystalline waters, together with the marine flora and fauna, the seabed make the island a wonderful and unique place to practice this sport.

Also, you should know that the Pitiusas are the chosen destination for the loggerhead turtles who from the American waters are moved to Ibiza to breed. There, they live together with multiple species such as swordfishes, lobsters, octopuses, moray eels or seahorses, among many others, which produces a beautiful spectacle in the eyes of the observer.

All this combined with the magnificent rocky seabed located in the Cala Mastella bay, in the east side of the island, brings an unforgettable view to the conifers . Meeting the depths of Cala Xerraca, eating later at any of its restaurants, or going to Punta Galera and its diving center are some of the activities that you can enjoy to complete a wonderful day. Cala d’en Serra is the typical bay where you can find wooden huts suitable for fishing and a dock for the boats.

All this reasons make the Pitiusas island a key paradise to enjoy the landscapes and the incursion into its exclusive dreamy seabed.